ATV Trails in Cheshire County, New Hampshire

ATV Trails in Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Cheshire County, New Hampshire, is located in the southeastern most part of the state, and is home to the small city of Kenne. This county is home to Mount Monadnock, which the official county website claims as the most hiked mountain in the world. There are plenty of good ATV trails that run through Cheshire County, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Pisgah State Park Trails

The Pisgah State Park Trails has 13,000 acres of total terrain, and 20 miles of multi-use trails that allow ATVs. Some trails are specifically designed for ATV use and involve small ponds and different "climbs" of varying difficulty. Elevation ranges from 600 to 1,100 feet, and most of the terrain is amateur level, although there is some expert terrain, mostly on the side trails.

Pisgah State Park Trails
172 Pembroke Road
P.O. Box 1856
Concord, NH 03302-1856

Cheshire County Rail Trails

There are many unnamed ATV trails running through New Hampshire that are rail trails, as they used to be railroad tracks. While these trails are more common in surrounding counties near towns like Bennington and Hillsborough, there are some that run through Cheshire County, as well. Locating these is best done with local maps or guides, which can show how many of the ATV rail trails connect throughout the area.

Winchester Speed Park

Winchester Speed Park is a track that is often used for racing events and has a very challenging track for ATVs and motocross bikes. This track is open for use by members, and the area includes a full concession stand, campground and other amenities. The track is challenging and isn't for beginners.

Winchester Speed Park
517 Keene Road
Winchester, NH 03470

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