Burlington, North Carolina Winter Activities

Burlington, North Carolina Winter Activities
Burlington, North Carolina is renowned for its golf courses and throughout the year, many visitors arrive with their clubs, hit the greens and don't see much more of the area. Boasting a fairly mild climate even in the winter, outdoor enthusiasts can often just add a jacket and gloves to wintertime activities and golf courses, like most outdoor parks and recreation areas, stay open year-round. Winter temperatures, though chilly, rarely bring snow but outdoor enthusiasts will know to dress in layers and carry supplies appropriate for activities that might be delayed by rain or wind.

Haw River Trail, Haw River Paddle Trail

The Haw River Trail and Haw River Paddle Trail are side-by-side, multi-use land and water trails that traverses seventy miles between Haw River State Park and Jordan Lake State Recreation Area. The land trail intersects and sometimes follows the state's Mountain to Sea Trail, a long-distance trail that follows the route of early pioneers. The water trail is fairly shallow and even novice paddlers can navigate the waterway fairly easily. In colder winter weather, paddlers will want to stay warm and dry by wearing waterproof gear.

Haw River Paddle Trail
Access Points throughout the County
Burlington, NC 27215
336- 229-2410

Lake Cammack Park and Marina

Lake Cammack is an 850-acre reservoir with more than 50 miles of shoreline. The lake is open year-round and fishing, water-skiing and boating activities are allowed even during winter months. Off the water there are five miles of marked trails for hiking and mountain biking and there is a large park and grass area with picnic tables. Cyclists using the trails must wear helmets.

Lake Cammack Park and Marina
4790 Union Ridge Road
Burlington, NC 27217

Glencoe Mill Village

Glencoe Mill Village is a restored cotton mill village complete with a water-powered mill and worker's housing from the 1880s. Cotton played a major role in North Carolina's economy in the 19th century and a visit to the Glencoe Mill Village is a step back in time that will hold the interest of family members of all ages. The village is owned and operated by Preservation North Carolina.

Glencoe Mill Village
2362 Glencoe Road
Burlington, NC 27217
336- 228-6644

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