ATV Trails Near Lake Murray in Oklahoma

ATV Trails Near Lake Murray in Oklahoma
Lake Murray is the name of the lake and state park close to the town of Ardmore, Oklahoma. Lake Murray State Park has some very popular local ATV trails, but there are some other ATV trails within 30 minutes of the Ardmore area, as well. Lake Murray State Park is the oldest state park in all of Oklahoma, and there are more than 1,000 acres for recreational enthusiasts to enjoy.

Lake Murray State Park

Lake Murray State Park is the most obvious choice for ATV fans in the area. There are more than 10 miles or marked trails that run through the park, and many of these trails are set aside for ATV use, giving riders more freedom than they have when they are required to share trails with hikers and cyclists. The one major restriction is that ATVs on this trail are limited to day time only, and are not allowed on the trails after dark.

Lake Murray State Park
3323 Lodge Road
Ardmore, OK 73401

Red River Motorcycle Trails

Red River Motorcycle Trails are about an hour's drive from Lake Murray, and aside from the Cross Bar Ranch and Lake Murray State Park, are the largest organized set of ATV trails close to Lake Murray and the town of Ardmore. This is a 2,500-acre park that is open to both ATVs and motorcycles, and it was ranked as the top off road destination in all of Texas by "Ride Texas" magazine. This is a little bit of a road trip from Lake Murray, but very doable for a change of pace in ATV trail riding from around the Lake Murray area.

Red River Motorcycle Trails
15393 North FM 373
Bulcher, TX 76252

Cross Bar Ranch

Cross Bar Ranch is 25 minutes north of the town of Ardmore. This ranch is open to the public, although there are fees for entrance. This ranch is over 6,500 acres, and has both ATV trails as well as just wide open areas for ATV riders to explore. Primitive camping is allowed on the ranch, and ATV rentals are actually available in the nearby town of Davis, Oklahoma if visitors don't already have one of their own.

Cross Bar Ranch
Davis, Oklahoma
in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains
Located near Turner Falls Park
Exit 55 off I-35, then 1 mile west to Dolese Road and three miles south

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