ATV Trails in Kellogg, Idaho

ATV Trails in Kellogg, Idaho
Kellogg, Idaho, is one of the largest towns in the upper panhandle of the state, with a population of just over 2,300 as of the 2000 census. The area surrounding Kellogg is known for its state and national parks, freshwater fishing, and beautiful forest and mountain ecosystems. This scenery provides some great aesthetic beauty for ATV fans as they explore the trails in the area.

Canfield Mountain Trail System

The Canfield Mountain Trail System is located north of Kellogg, and is one of many trails that runs through the Coeur D'alene National Forest. There are over 30 miles of ATV trails through this forest. There are ATV trails available for beginner and experienced riders. The east-west trails are mild and easy, while the north-south trails provide more of a challenge for the experienced ATV drivers. There are several creeks and lakes in the area that can be reached via these trails.

Canfield Mountain Trail System
Coeur D'alene Ranger District
2502 E Sherman Drive
Coeur D'alene, ID 83814

Musselshell Meadows

The Musselshell Meadows ATV trail is one large loop that was designed with beginner or novice riders in mind. The main loop is 12 miles long, and there are many smaller loops that are connected to the main Musselshell Meadow Loop. Drivers here will want to bring their own food and water, as this is an isolated area that doesn't offer any services at all. This trail isn't completely isolated--some of the side loops connected to Musselshell also connect to other long ATV trails in the area.

Musselshell Meadows
Clearwater National Forest
12730 Highway 12
Orofino, ID 83544

Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes is over 72 miles long, and is a "rails to trail" trail, meaning that the trail itself was built following a no longer used rail line. ATV riders will need to share this trail with walkers, hikers, and cyclists, as well. The trail runs through several towns and often follows a river as it carves through northern Idaho. There is no specifically set up ATV course here, and drivers will have to go at a slow pace since there will be others on the trail, but this trail offers a very scenic drive through the panhandle of Idaho.

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