Argentina Festivals and Holidays

Argentina Festivals and Holidays
Argentina is known as a place of delicious beef, party festivals and beautiful scenery. The culture supports a wide range of festivals and holidays, including the well-known New Year's holiday, to the more native Carnival festival. Planning a vacation to coincide with these events is an ideal way to understand and experience the culture in Argentina.

New Year's Day

A lot of countries have a New Year's celebration. In Argentina, it falls on January 1-- Ano Nuevo. It is commonly celebrated by a late dinner with family and friends and midnight fireworks. There are several traditions during this holiday, such as eating beans on New Year's will either help you keep your current job or obtain a better one. On New Year's Day, many locals and visitors in Argentina go swimming in public pools, rivers and lakes.


The Carnival, otherwise known as Gualeguaychu Carnival, is one of the biggest carnivals in Argentina. During this festival groups of citizens and visitors (called comparsas) dance in the street in colorful outfits. Street musicians band together and form giant parades down the streets. Food, drinks and family activities are available, with lots of entertainment, people-watching and dancing. It takes place in Entre Rios between January and February. This Carnival is considered to be the second best Carnival in the world (Rio de Janiero is the first).


OktoberFest isn't only for the Germans. In Argentina, OktoberFest has taken place since 1964 to celebrate the German culture and beer. The festival takes place at Villa General Belgrano, Cordova, over the span of five days. It brings in locals and visitors from all over the world, and is acclaimed as the third most important Oktoberfest site after Munich and Blumenau in Brazil, according to Just Argentina.

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