Easy Camping Food Ideas

Easy Camping Food IdeasEating while camping doesn't have to be all about roughing it. With a little effort and preparation, you can make delicious and simple meals out in the woods. People often think of hot dogs over an open fire or too much granola when it comes to camping food. But people have cooked for hundreds of years over open fires, producing diverse foods. Tapping into that diversity and drive requires only the willingness to try something different.

Hobo Packets

The value of tin foil cannot be underestimated. Use the material like miniature camping crock pots. Load a sheet of tin foil with chopped potatoes, hamburger, carrots and onions. Add cracked pepper, salt and maybe a little hot sauce. Finally, to keep the contents moist and simmering, add the contents of a can of condensed soup, such as cream of mushroom or chicken. Wrap it tightly in two layers of foil and crimp the seams tightly shut. Now throw it in the fire. Remove with a stick or metal utensil after 20 to 30 minutes. This delicious hot meal can be eaten right out of the foil.

Stuffed Peppers

Cut the top off of a bell pepper, then drop in some cooked rice pilaf, couscous or quinoa. Crack an egg and dump it inside the pepper. Finally, sprinkle the top with cheese. Put the top of your pepper back on and affix the two parts with toothpicks. The prepared pepper can then be grilled over the fire or even wrapped in tin foil and inserted into the fire. The cheese and egg will cook and fill in the gaps around the rice, making for a delicious stuffed pepper. Similar recipes involve hollowing out an onion. Or you could even hollow out an apple and fill it with desert materials, such as caramel and chocolate chips.

Dutch Oven

One of the most venerable methods of camp cooking is a cast iron Dutch oven. This durable piece of equipment might not be suitable for backpacking, but it is the perfect addition to any other camping kitchen. Cast iron is perfect for cooking over fires because the heavy material evenly distributes heat, allowing you to cook numerous dishes over uneven flames. Consider Dutch ovens for dishes such as chili. Simply put three different kinds of bean, two cans of tomato puree, chopped onions, hamburger, chopped peppers, brown sugar and chili powder and you have a chili that can simmer all day in a dutch oven. Dutch ovens are also spectacular for desserts. They cook evenly enough to bake cakes, cobblers and pies.

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