Children's Activities in Athens, GA

Children's Activities in Athens, GA
Athens, Georgia is a college town that is located in the Northeastern part of the state in Clarke County. The University of Georgia was the first state supported college in Georgia. The town grew as lots adjacent to the college were sold and people began moving in. You will find many restaurants, bars, music venues and coffee shops that cater to the college crowd. You can also find many activities for children for a family-friendly visit.

Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail

Bear Hollow is a 72-acre wildlife park that includes a playground, dog park, swimming pool, nature trails and a picnic shelter. The park is open daily and allows young children to view wildlife in a natural surrounding. Exhibits include the black bear, bald eagle, snakes, tortoises, owls, woodchucks and bobcats. Children can also schedule to have their birthday party within the park.

Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail
293 Gran Ellen Drive
Athens, GA 30606-4968

ENSAT Center

The ENSAT center, also known as the Environment, Natural Science and Appropriate Technology Center, focus on energy conservation and environmental education for children. Exhibits include the life cycle of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, two freshwater ponds, a beaver lodge, a water cycle and wetland succession and immigration. The ENSAT center is open Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and is free of charge.

ENSAT Center
205 Old Commerce Road
Athens, GA 30606

UGA Athletics

The University of Georgia athletics program is well-loved by the locals in Athens and the surrounding areas. Fall brings popular college football games and tailgating fun for all ages. Each event brings plenty of activities such as face painting and music festivals. Children will enjoy eating lunch nearby at the famous Varsity restaurant, which offers made-to-order hot dogs, hamburgers and French fries. Other athletic events include gymnastics, tennis, swimming, baseball and basketball.

University of Georgia
1 Selig Circle
Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall
UGA Campus
Athens, GA 30602

Lyndon House Arts Center

The Lyndon House arts center is an art gallery that is housed in the historic Ware-Lyndon House in Athens. You will find gallery exhibits, festivals, workshops and art meetings. The house allows students to expand their creativity and learn about their talents. The museum offers blown glass, toys, handbags, scarves, paintings and CDs.The Lyndon House is free to the public and open Tuesday through Saturday.

Lyndon House Arts Center
705 Sunset Drive
Athens, GA 30602

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