Susquehanna River Fishing Hotspots in Pennsylvania

Susquehanna River Fishing Hotspots in Pennsylvania
The Susquehanna River originates from New York, and flows hundreds of miles all the way down to Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. However most of the river stretches across Pennsylvania, where major fisheries provide anglers with some of the best fishing hotspots for popular gamefish.

Clearfield County

A 10-mile stretch of the Susquehanna River in Clearfield County is a hot spot for some remarkable trout fishing. According to, Irvin Park in Curwensville, Clearfield has an excellent trout habitat that is easily accessible along Route 879. The water in this section of the river has wide riffles and many tributaries pour in cold water throughout the summer attracting an abundance of trout.



Named as one of the best locations for walleye fishing, the Susquehanna down river from Harrisburg, provides an excellent hotspot for anglers. According to Pennsylvania Game and Fish, the area just below the Harrisburg and Maryland state line dams provide top notch walleye fishing. York Haven, Holtwood and Safe Harbor dams are a hotspot especially during springtime. Anglers can boat and access launch sites on Lancaster and York Counties.

North Branch

The North Branch of the Susquehanna River is a hotspot for walleyes, especially from the New York border down to West Branch. Parts of this area are good for shoreline fishing while some may require a short-shaft board or jet boats for the shallower sections. This section of the river has a lot of forage that keeps the walleye well-fed which may account for the healthy population. Access sites are located on Bloomsburg, White's Ferry and West Falls.


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