Walleye Fishing Tips for Cloudy Water

Walleye Fishing Tips for Cloudy WaterAlso known as pickerel, jackfish, dore and walleyed pike, walleye are a game fish stocked in nearly every state in the United States and in much of Canada. Walleyes have excellent eyes and are quite light sensitive, often seeking out deeper water or cloudy areas to escape light.

Live Bait

Use live bait to catch walleye such as minnows, leeches or night crawlers. If you are using a minnow, rig it through the tail or the back to allow it to swim freely and attract the walleyed pike's attention. Walleye are extremely sensitive to vibration in the water, and the wriggling of a live bait will attract attention even in murky areas of a lake.

Crank Bait

If you choose to use a lure, use a large crank bait with plenty of wobble and move it in a naturalistic fashion. Cast into the cloudy water and slowly reel it back, pausing periodically to make the movement seem more natural. Even in cloudy water, walleye are more attracted by movement than by scent.

Contour Lines

Watch the contour lines of the lake. According to Utah Outdoors, walleye tend to swim along where the lake stays at a particular depth rather than swimming over big elevation changes. Knowing the lake's depth will allow you to follow the walleye should you lose them in the cloudy water.

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