Trout Fishing Stock List

Trout Fishing Stock ListEach year thousands of trout are stocked in public fishing waters. Stock programs are designed to help sustain the fishing in waters that receive particularly heavy pressure. The ability to identify and recognize different trout species can help provide clues as to the lure or bait that should be used.

Brook Trout

Also known as a speckle or square tail, the brook trout is typically confined to higher elevation cold water streams. Recognized as the only native trout in some areas, the brook trout typically features a base color of brown or dark green. Brightly colored spots of red with a surrounding dark halo are featured along the sides of the fish. The belly may appear bright red especially when the fish may be spawning. The brook trout feeds on a wide variety of insects, worms, frogs and toads. Many anglers find that small and delicately presented lures such as size 22 flies work best. Stealth and camouflage are required to catch these often elusive fish.

Brown Trout

Brown trout are an enormously popular game fish and are often heavily stocked in public waters. The fish typically features a light brown or brass base color, a light belly and dark spots with lighter halos. Brown trout dines upon a variety of crustaceans, insects, worms and even small birds and mammals. Native to Europe, the brown trout was introduced in the United States in 1884 and has since grown to be a staple fresh water game fish. Brown trout are often times stocked in trophy waters due to their potential large size, and are widely sought for their fierce fight when hooked. Lures including spinners, flies and natural bait work well on this fish.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are farmed and stocked perhaps heavier than any other trout species. Widely popular as a game fish and highly regarded as a delicacy on many dinner tables, the rainbow trout is stocked in many waters across the United States. Rainbow trout feature the well known rainbow of colors on their side and feed on a wide variety of insects such as Mayflies, beetles, mosquitoes and gnats. The diet also includes worms and bottom dwelling crustaceans. As rainbow trout are so heavily stocked, a wide variety of bait is used when fishing. Baits ranging from salmon eggs and corn to worms, flies and spinners and even colored miniature marshmallows have been used as bait for the popular fish.

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