ATV Trails in Washington State

ATV Trails in Washington State
Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Washington state isn't just about Seattle--there is plenty of natural beauty to be found in the forests and mountains of the state. Multiple ATV trails take advantage of the state and national parks in Washington, and avid off road fans have several options when it comes to ATV trails in the evergreen state.

Horn Rapids ORV Park

Horn Rapids ORV Park, located near Richland in southeastern Washington, not only allows ATV drivers, but caters to many motorized outdoor activities. In addition to the ATV trails, Horn Rapids has an MX track, go-kart track and model aircraft field. There are only 5 miles of ATV trails, which is the biggest drawback of this area. The surrounding park is a good place for both RV and tent camping, and beyond the trails there is an obstacle course built for ATVs to offer a little bit of extra challenge.

Horn Rapids ORV Sports Park
c/o Richland Parks & Recreation Services
650 George Washington Way
Richland, WA 99352

Juniper Dunes

The Juniper Dunes Wilderness Area near the town of Pasco, Washington is open year round and has 30 square miles of dunes for visiting ATV riders. There are challenging trails you can follow or you can simply head for the open dunes and drive around as you please. Most of the trails are open to the public, but the popular Peterson Trail includes 2 miles of land that is on private property so you will need to get permission from the owners before heading out on that particular stretch. The Juniper Dunes Wilderness Area is managed by the Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management.

Bureau of Land Management: Spokane District
1103 N. Fancher Road
Spokane, WA 99212

Straddleline ORV Park

The Straddleline ORV Park is located 20 miles west of Olympia, Washington in the Capitol Forest. There are over 5 miles of ATV trails at Straddleline, which provides mud and sand drags in addition to a motocross track and 100 acres designated as an open riding area. The park offers access to over 100 miles of multiuse state park trails, but these may or may not accept ATVs depending on fire and drought conditions, so always check with the local ranger station before leaving Straddleline for one of these trails.

Straddleline ORV Park
5015 State Route 8 West
McLeary, WA 98557

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