Flowers That Live in a Rainforest

Flowers That Live in a RainforestRainforests are found throughout the world and can be either tropical or temperate. Tropical rainforests tend to be fairly close in proximity to the equator, while temperate rainforests are found in areas such as the British Isles, British Columbia (Canada) and East Asia. Rainforests are important because they yield a quarter of the world's natural medicines and are responsible for processing 28 percent of the worlds oxygen, some of which is derived from the unique plants found in rainforests.

Forest Flame

The Forest Flame is a flowering tree that grows large, vividly colored flowers.The flower's four petals range in color from bright red to red orange. It is a fast-growing deciduous tree that can reach 40 feet high. When in full bloom, starts at the beginning of the rainy season, the tree resembles an umbrella. The flowers bloom before the leaves start growing.

Ylang Ylang Perfume Tree (pictured)

(cannanga odorata)
Ylang Ylang is a fast growing flowering tree that is known for producing oils used in the manufacture of perfumes. The tree is an evergreen that grows about 15 feet per year until it reaches around 40 feet tall. The leaves are smooth, glossy and oval shaped, while the flowers consist of 6 long petals that are typically yellow.

Indian Shot

Indian Shot is a unique plant that yields heavy dark seeds that resemble shotgun pellets. Its rumored that pirates used the seeds in their guns when supplies were running low. The seeds are also commonly used as beads in jewelry. Indian Shot typically consists of stems that produce multiple flowers and seed pods. The flowers are usually red.

Pelican Flower

The Pelican Flower is a flowering vine that produces the largest flower of any climbing vine. It has large, heart-shaped leaves and its flowers produce an odor that attract insects to promote pollination. Fast-growing, the Pelican Flower can reach a length of 15 to 30 feet long with flowers that are approximately one foot long.

Barbados Pride

Barbados Pride, also known as the Pride of Barbados, was first discovered in 1657. It is a shrub that can be found in various countries, and is known to grow to a height of 10 to 15 feet, if left untrimmed. Barbados Pride blooms year-round and typically yields red and yellow flowers (though they can sometimes be pink or orange). The flowers have five petals and usually grow to a 1.5 inches in diameter.

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