Campfire Cooking Supplies

Campfire Cooking SuppliesCooking over a campfire represents its own set of challenges. Unlike a stove-top, campfires produce uneven heat, with flames and coals generating very different intensities. However, cooking over a fire can be a fun experience for those willing to be patient. A number of tools have been made to help ease the difficulties traditionally associated with cooking over a fire.

Cooking Tripod

One of the most useful and versatile cooking devices for campfires is the camping tripod. Three legs joined at one end allow for a set up on which many devices can be hung. Typical cooking tripods come with a chain to allow users to hang a cooking grate or cauldron.

Cast Iron Pie Cooker

Cast iron is a useful for material for cooking over a fire, since it is both incredibly durable and spreads heat evenly. While many people are familiar with using skewers for campfire cooking, a more useful device is a cast iron cooker (pictured above), which has an enclosed space for cooking. The device allows users to enclose dough and fillings, clamp it together and cook a small pie inside. However, cast iron pie cookers are also useful for cooking sandwiches, warming bread, even making waffles.

Camp Grill

A camp grill is a grated surface that allows users to suspend meat or other grill materials over a camp fire. Many grills include an adjustable surface that allows aspiring fire-chefs to adapt their food to the varying flame heights.

Heat-Resistant Gloves

A useful tool to have while campfire cooking is a good pair of gloves. Often cooking over a fire requires quick action when flames flare or die down. It is a process in constant need of adjustment. Having gloves that can stand up to the task will allow you to stay flexible and avoid burns.

Metal Spatula

Few utensils are more versatile than a spatula. Useful on a cooking grill or a skillet, a spatula can even be used to stir in a pinch. Many spatulas designed for camping will have a serrated edge, allowing for its use as a knife to cut up sausages or other foods.

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