Sharon, Pennsylvania, Festivals

Sharon, Pennsylvania, Festivals
Sharon is located in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, on the Pennsylvania-Ohio border. The town itself is only 3.8 square miles, so most of the festivals take place in surrounding areas. Within a 30-mile radius of the town, there are a number of festivals throughout the year, with most of them focused on art and the strong steel-making heritage of the area.

Hermitage Arts Festival

The Hermitage Arts Festival, located 4 miles east of Sharon, Pa., is "a celebration of the artistic and musical talent within [the] community," according to the city of Hermitage. The festival is held at the Rodney White Olympic Park, and attendees are able to view and purchase various types of art, listen to local musicians, watch theatrical performances and participate in various cultural activities. The festival is free and generally takes place during the month of July.

Hermitage Arts Festival
800 N. Hermitage Road
Hermitage, PA 16148

Artists of the Rust Belt Festival

The Artists of the Rust Belt Festival is a celebration that honors artists local to the Rust Belt area of the United States. The artists strive to host three festivals a year, generally in February, May and September, in Youngstown, Ohio. The festival is held at the B&O Station, which is home to the Rust Belt Brewing Company, a partner in organizing and hosting the festivals.

Artists of the Rust Belt Festival
530 Mahoning Ave.
Youngstown, OH 44502

Shaker Woods Festival

The Shaker Woods Festival occurs three weekends in August in the town of Columbiana, Ohio, which is approximately 30 miles south of Sharon, Pa. The festival features more than 200 craftspeople dressed in period clothing and performing demonstrations of handmade crafts. Musicians and dancers perform on three stages, and a variety of food options central to open flame country-style cooking are offered by vendors at the festival.

Shaker Woods Festival
1101 Timberline Drive
Columbiana, OH 44408

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