Monuments in Alberta

Monuments in Alberta
Alberta is one of Canada's fastest growing provinces. It is located in the west of Canada and has a land size approximately that of Texas. Its population was 3.7 million when recorded in 2009. Alberta's border is shared with British Columbia to the west and Saskatchewan to the east. It borders the state of Montana and is one of Canada's two landlocked provinces. The capital city of Alberta is Edmonton, and the largest city is Calgary, one of Canada's major commerce centers. A variety of monuments memorialize Canada's natural beauty, veterans, history and the landscapes of Alberta, with many of them located in Alberta's state parks.

POW Tower Camp Wainwright

Camp Wainwright was the location of an internment camp during World War II. It was called "Internment Camp 135" and was active from January 1945 until June 1946. This watchtower that serves as the memorial to all who were interned there is a reconstruction of the last remaining tower on the site, which burned down in 2001.

The memorial is located on the grounds of Camp Wainwright, in Wainwright, Alberta.

Hay Lakes War Memorial

The Hay Lakes War Memorial was erected in memory of the soldiers from the Hay Lakes community who died during WWI, WWII or the Korean War. It is a stone tombstone that has the names of fallen soldiers inscribed on it. The Hay Lakes War Memorial stands on Main Street in Hay Lakes, Alberta.

Bill Fowler Nature Mural

The Bill Fowler Nature Mural is attached to the Bill Fowler Centre in Camrose, Alberta. The mural, painted by local artist Jim Marshall, depicts the local flowers and vegetation of the area. In recent years it has become a popular artistic attraction and is also studied by scholars and students across the region.

The Bill Fowler Centre
5402 - 48 Avenue
Camrose, AB

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