ATV Trails in Nebraska

ATV Trails in Nebraska
Zooming across the vast Nebraska plains on an ATV can be the thrill of a lifetime for some. The state offers a number of ATV tracks as well as trails through grasslands and woods. Whether you ride a quad or a dirt bike, you'll be able to find a trail to suit your riding abilities in Nebraska.

Nebraska National Forest -- Bessey Ranger District

The trails of Nebraska National Forest Lands in the Bessey Ranger District are open for quads and dirt bikes. In order to ride, your vehicle must be equipped with an exhaust system that has not been altered in any way. The US Forest Service requires the noise limit of vehicles not to exceed 96 decibels. The 11-mile trail system consists mainly of sand, winding through grassy vegetation. While the terrain is not likely to challenge the advanced rider, the scenery should be enjoyed by all. Camping facilities are close by offering electric hookups, picnic facilities and bathrooms with hot showers. There is no cost to use the trails.

Nebraska National Forest -- Bessey Ranger District
P.O. Box 39
Halsey, NE 69142

Fiddler Creek MX Park

Fiddler Creek MX Park offers well-maintained tracks for ATV and dirt bike riding. The tracks are open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Annual memberships are available, and it is strongly suggested that non-members call ahead before heading out to the facility. Fiddler Creek frequently hosts races for both ATV and dirt bikes for a variety of ages and classes.

Fiddler Creek MX Park
Fiddler Creek Rd.
Homer, NE 68030

Harlan County Lake Trail

Harlan County Lake trail offers ATV trails on 500 acres through rolling hills, grasslands and forests. A parking area and restroom facilities are available at the trailhead. Riders should be aware that the trails are two-way, so be on the lookout for vehicles headed in your direction. Trails are generally well-marked. Camping, boat ramps and swimming beaches are nearby. There is no fee to use the trails, which are open year-round.

Harlan County Project Office -- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
70788 Corps Road
Republican City, NE 68971

White Sands Raceway

White Sands Raceway is a privately owned facility consisting of two tracks, one of which is especially designed for younger drivers. Races are frequently hosted throughout the year. Open practices are sometimes held on the track, which is closed during the winter months. Contacting the track is strongly suggested first.

White Sands Raceway
5521 N. 92nd Ave.
Omaha, NE 68134
402- 571-4722

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