Fishing on Lake Kapowsin in Olympia, Washington

Fishing on Lake Kapowsin in Olympia, Washington
Olympia, Washington is located on the west side of the state and is approximately 60 miles south of Seattle. Lake Kapowsin is situated to the east of town near Mt. Rainier National Park. The area is a great place to fish, and Kapowsin offers a fun day on the water with your favorite pastime. Other outdoor recreation is nearby for you to enjoy when you are off the water such as hiking and camping.

Lake Kapowsin

Lake Kapowsin is more than 500 acres in size and goes as deep as 58 feet in places. Lake access is available on the side of the water in the form of a nice concrete ramp with a paved parking area. Many obstacles like logs and tall grasses give fish plenty of places to go. No large motorized boats are allowed, but smaller trolling boats or man-powered boats are.



There are several types of fish in Lake Kapowsin such as rainbow trout, bass, catfish, pumpkinseed, bluegill, coho and perch. The trout and bass will be most active in spring and summer, while the perch and bluegill like cooler waters. Try fishing the edges around tall vegetation and rocks for bass and trout in the warm months or during the day. Fish deeper in cooler months or at night. You'll find catfish near the bottom year-round, while perch will reside there during the summer.


Lake Kapowsin is not listed under the special regulations section of Washington's fishing regulations, so statewide rules apply to this lake. This means the lake is closed with regard to salmon and bull trout fishing, and that you must not keep these fish if caught. Most other fish can be kept. The lake is open year-round for fishing.


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