Types of Ledger Fishing Weights

Types of Ledger Fishing Weights
Ledger weights, as the name implies, are weights used when fishing by ledgering. Ledgering involves using a weight near the hook. The weight serves to help you cast your line out farther and to keep your hook at the bottom of the waterway. All ledgering uses weights and involves fishing from the bottom.


One of the most common ledger weights is formally known as the Arlesley Bomb, and commonly called the bomb. This weight has a teardrop shape, with a rounded bottom that tapers upward into a narrow head. The top has a swivel, or small loop, to attach it to the fishing line. These weights range from 0.25 ounce to several ounces.

Maggot Feeder

Maggot feeders, also known as blockend swimfeeders, are a type of weight with a small plastic container attached for holding maggots. Maggot feeders are shaped like small barrels, with a rounded top that opens with a hinge. The small cage has a series of holes through which maggots squirm out near to further attract fish to your hook. The feeder's top has a small loop to attach to your line.

Open End Feeder

Like the maggot feeder, the swimfeeder also features a small container with a series of holes. Unlike the maggot feeder, the open end swimfeeder does not have a hinged top but instead features open ends. Its tube=shaped container needs to be packed with groundbait, or a thick, mashed bait, for the bait to stay inside the tube during casting. You can mix maggots, corn or other bait with the groundbait for a more alluring bait. The top of the feeder includes a small loop or swivel to attach to your line.

Cage Feeder

Another type of tube-shaped feeder is the cage feeder. It differs from the open end feeder in its construction. Instead of a series of holes in the plastic container, the container is made of a plastic grid that resembles a cage. It, too, features a small loop or swivel to attach to your line. Groundbait is also ideal for the cage feeder as its open construction allows a lot of bait to seep out into the water and further attract your catch.

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