Things to Use As Fishing Weights

Things to Use As Fishing Weights
You may one day find yourself in a pinch without your usual store-bought fishing weights or with a weight that is too light or heavy for the job at hand. You can use a number of everyday items as fishing weights. The main concern is to make sure these items are clean and will not dissolve, fall off or otherwise pollute the water or unduly harm the fish.


A lot of miscellaneous items from your traditional toolbox can be used as fishing weights. Nuts, bolts, washers, shaft collars and couplings, o-rings and rivets can all work. Various sizes will give you various weight combinations. Some of the items, such as couplings and nuts, already have holes in them to slip through lines or rigs. You can knot your fishing line or use wire to attach the others.

Office Supplies

A number of office supplies can also work as fishing weights. Metal binder clips, paper clips and even metal binder rings can do the trick. Alter the supplies by bending or trimming any unnecessary parts to keep them streamlined for casting. Attach clips and rings through your fishing line or use wire to secure them.

Solder and Wire

Solid core solder and other types of metal wire also work as fishing weights. Backwoods Home author J.D. Hooker keeps a small spool of regular solid core solder in his tackle box for just that purpose. He cuts small sections of the solder to use as weights that can be wrapped onto line or rigs. Use the same method with picture-hanging wire or other hardware wire.


A quick peek through your junk drawer, garage or basement will probably come up with other items you can use for fishing weights. Mechanical parts from items that no longer work, like a lawn mower or vacuum, or items found at construction sites can give you other items to use as weights. Hooker has used scrap lead plumbing pipe, scrap linotype and X-ray shielding plates from a hospital remodeling. He's also used wheel weights and broken battery cable ends.

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