Elbow-Strengthening Exercises

Elbow-Strengthening Exercises
There are many benefits to strengthening your elbow. Many athletes who enjoy playing golf or tennis perform elbow-strengthening techniques to help them combat and prevent injury to this sensitive joint. Also, you can lengthen your playing time and power by focusing on this area as well. Stretching exercises are especially helpful with strengthening your elbow, while improving flexibility and endurance.

The Prayer Stretch

This is an extremely simple exercise that boasts great benefits. Start off by placing your palms together--fingers touching--in front of the chest. The tips of your fingers should be located just under your chin. As you keep your hands together, lower your hands toward your waist. Be sure to stop when you feel a gentle stretch under your forearms. Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat it four times.

Use Weights

Light weights can offer the resistance you need to strengthen your elbow. Be sure to warm up by doing a few minutes of light exercise. Start with your elbow supported and your palm facing upward. Then, bend your wrist up as high as possible. Be sure to hold this position for two seconds, ending this exercise by slowly straightening your wrist and lowering it. Start off by using 1-lb. weights, but increasing to no more than 3 lbs.

Squeeze and Release

A tennis ball makes a great tool for strengthening your elbow. Hold a tennis ball in the palm of your right hand. Firmly squeeze the ball, holding your grip for 3 to 5 seconds. Keep repeating this exercise until you reach muscle exhaustion. If a tennis ball is too hard, then you can use a foam ball or a racquetball to build strength.

Use a Rowing Machine

A rowing machine allows for both strengthening and stretching of the elbow. You should proceed carefully if you have sustained damage to this area, because if not used carefully, a rowing machine can exasperate an elbow injury. Move gently, and never push past the point of pain.

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