Types of Safety Harnesses

Types of Safety Harnesses
When hunting, climbing or fishing, it is important to put safety first. A safety harness is the best way to protect your body against injury when climbing a tree, scaling a rock wall or reeling in a heavy fish. As with any sport or safety equipment, consider fit of the equipment and level of maneuverability. Styles can also influence preferences.

Hunting Safety Harness

A hunting safety harness must be worn when using a climbing-tree stand, hang-on stand, ladder hunting stand or tree step. Hunting safety harnesses are designed to protect the body against injury from a fall and offer support when hunting or climbing a tree. A climbing belt and adjustable leg strap minimize stress to the groin with full body support. Designed with lightweight materials, hunting safety harnesses do not limit maneuverability and can be worn for long periods. An attached storage pouch makes it easy to store carrying ropes and gear.


Climbing Harness

A climbing harness is used by rock climbers to secure to a piece of rope or an anchor point. Designed for comfort and safety, climbing harnesses typically feature built-in padding and gear loops for carrying equipment. Climbing harnesses are available in three varieties: sit-string harnesses, chest harnesses and full-body harnesses. The sit-string harness is a waist belt and two leg loops connected at the hips with a belay loop. The chest harness is worn around the shoulders and secured to a sit harness. The full-body harness is made of interlocking sit-string harnesses and chest harnesses to provide full-body support.

Fishing Harness

Fishing harnesses are designed for stand-up fishing and can typically support about 50 pounds of tackle. Kidney support, padding and a quick-release buckle make it easy to reel in large fish without back and shoulder strain. Fishing harnesses feature a sit-string harness and reinforced back panel for complete support. A front mechanism connects to a fishing reel and adjusts for easy maneuverability.


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