Snow Boards for Children

Snow Boards for Children
When choosing a snowboard for a child, consider factors such as riding style, budget and experience level. Graphics, flex and size are the main differences between children's and adult's boards. Snowboards are often categorized by riding style, which includes all-mountain, freestyle and freeride. Many high-quality snowboards designed specifically for children are available.

All Mountain

All-mountain boards are designed for all types of snowy terrain. Children can use them on groomed slopes, untracked backcountry runs and the park and half-pipe. The Lamar Blazer Snowboard for boys is built for all-mountain performance. It has a flex and geometry that is specifically designed for kids. For girls, the LTD all-mountain Betty Jr. snowboard is a fitting choice. It is crafted with a wood core and a kid-specific flex and sizing. It also has assorted colorful designs and patterns.



Freestyle or park boards are designed for half-pipe, boxes, jumps, spins, rails and tricks. Children who are more experienced at snowboarding and want to develop more skills often have this type of board. According to REI specialists, freestyle boards are often shorter, lighter and more flexible than other boards. Burton Custom Smalls-Boys Freestyle and Ride Blush Girls Freestyle Snowboard are both designed for younger and more experienced snowboarders. Both freestyle snowboards are built tough for riding at the park and pipe, as well as for learning new tricks.


Freeride boards are principally designed for off-piste or backcountry terrain. These boards are also built for traveling fast on groomed slopes. Younger snowboarders who frequent backcountry terrains are well-suited for these boards. Burton Shaun White Smalls Boys-Freeride and the Lamar Pixie Kid Freeride snowboard for girls are equipped with features to handle rougher slopes such as fiberglass material, twin-shaped board and flex along with a specific flex and geometry design for kids.


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