Ice Fishing on Parley Lake in Minnesota

Ice Fishing on Parley Lake in Minnesota
Parley Lake is a small lake to the northeast of Lake Waconia in Laketown Township, Minnesota. Several other lakes are scattered nearby, giving you the chance to try out several locations. The area gets rather cold during the winter months and is a perfect place for ice fishing. You can make it as simple as cutting a hole in the ice and dropping in a line, or setting up a shelter and going all out.


Although only one line is normally allowed for fishing, two lines are okay when ice fishing unless otherwise noted in the regulations. You must stay within 200 feet of your line. If you use a ice shelter of any type, identification must be noted on the structure in two inch letters and numbers. Unless you have a license to do so, a shelter can not be left empty overnight, and if left overnight, it must have reflective material on all sides.



There are quite a few types of fish in Parley Lake. Some of the more popular fish are walleye, large mouth bass, northern pike, bluegill and yellow perch. Perch like cooler waters, so are more likely to bite in winter months than others. It will be rare for you to catch a bass in winter months. Bluegill are also active during the winter, and found closer to the bottom during the summer.

Parley Lake

Parley Lake is about 242 acre and has a depth of 18 feet at its deepest point. There is boat ramp access for summer fishing, which can aid in getting your gear onto the ice in the winter. It is located on the southwest side of the lake. It is best to fish deeper during the winter months, as most fish reside further down in cooler months.


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