Exercises for the Stomach & Legs

Exercises for the Stomach & Legs
Choosing exercises that work more than one body part at a time is a good way to shorten your workout while still achieving your desired results. Leg exercises are usually divided into those that target the upper leg or thigh and those that target the lower leg or calf and shin. Whichever movements you choose, make sure to give your legs a day to rest and recover after a strenuous workout. Aim to complete three sets of eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise, allowing yourself 30 seconds to one minute of rest between sets.

Forward Lunge

The forward lunge targets not only your stomach and thighs but also your hips and butt. You do not need any equipment for lunges although if the exercise becomes easier over time, you can hold a dumbbell in each hand during the exercise to increase difficulty. Start the movement by standing up straight with your feet together. Lift one foot up and slowly take one step forward. When your foot touches the ground, slowly lower your body until your forward leg is bent at a 90-degree angle and your rear leg is bent with your knee almost touching the floor. Push away from the ground with your forward leg to return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the opposite leg. Do not allow the knee of your forward foot to extend past your toes while performing lunges as this could cause knee injuries. Remember that lunging forward with your left foot and then your right foot counts as one repetition instead of two.

Bosu Squat Jumps

A Bosu ball appears to be half of an inflatable exercise ball mounted on a plastic disc. Performing squat jumps on a Bosu ball will work your stomach, buttocks, thighs, and upper legs while minimizing the impact of landing. Place the Bosu ball on the ground in front of you and squat down by bending your knees, leaning forward at the waist and extending your arms behind you. Jump up out of the position quickly and land on the Bosu ball. As you land, allow your knees to bend and push your heels into the ball to stabilize yourself. Do not keep your knees locked as that could cause serious knee injury upon landing.

Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Stability ball knee tucks target your stomach and lower legs. This exercise is difficult for beginners and you may feel clumsy the first few times you attempt the movement but keep practicing and it will get easier. Start by laying with your stomach on top of a stability ball. Place your hands flat on the floor and keep your legs together. Walk forward slowly with your hands until your knees are on top of the ball. You will need to partially support your weight with your arms at this point. Slowly bend your knees toward your chest until the ball is underneath your shins. Your hips and buttocks will naturally rise during this movement. Hold this position for two to three seconds and then slowly straighten your legs to return to the starting position.

Article Written By Kittie McCoy

Kittie McCoy has been a freelance writer since 2008. She is also a part-time personal trainer and licensed entertainer in Las Vegas. She enjoys sharing her love of physical fitness and experience in the entertainment industry via her writing.

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