Perch Fishing in Lake Washington

Perch Fishing in Lake Washington
Lake Washington is the second biggest lake in the state of Washington and is situated on the east side of Seattle. The large body of water offers visitors many recreational opportunities such as boating, skiing and swimming. Fishing is also a popular pastime on the water, and the lake has a good supply of perch for fishermen to catch. There are several other varieties of fish such as salmon and trout.


There are many types of fish in Lake Washington, including bass, trout, salmon and perch. Perch are all in the lake, but they seem to be most popular in the area around the town of Kirkland and on the south side close to Renton. The average size is about 6 inches and one-third to one-half pound.


The Lake

At a size of more than 22,000 acres, Lake Washington is one of the biggest lakes in the state. Formed from glaciers, it is a long lake, extending about 15 miles in length. There are several boat ramps found around the perimeter in towns like Bellevue, Kirkland and Renton, as well as parks such as Seward Park.


As a general state rule, there is no minimum daily limit and no minimum size for perch in the state of Washington. There are no special rules in the state regulations regarding perch. Chumming the water is permitted within the lake. No flotation device, including boats, are permitted within 300 feet of a floating bridge, and certain areas of the Lake Washington shipping canal are closed to fishing for safety reasons.


Article Written By Keith Dooley

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