Fishing in Alpine Lakes, Washington

Fishing in Alpine Lakes, Washington
The stunning, crystal clear waters of Washington's Alpine Lakes Wilderness host 100,000 anglers each season. Approached via the rugged terrain of hiking trails or by car, the cold waters suit many species of trout and char. The Alpine Lakes region is also home to bobcats, cougars, black bear and elk. Whether you choose to camp or just spend the day, your time spent on any one of the Alpine Lakes will be worthwhile.

Kaleetan Lake

Found in the Chelan County section near Snoqualmie Pass, Kaleetan Lake sits at an elevation of 3,850 feet. Anglers will likely find eastern brook trout (actually a species of char) in the cold waters. Hikes in the area include Mount Defiance Trail, Annette Lake Trail and Pratt Trail. If successful fishing entices you to stay in the area and you have come prepared, camp at the West Fork Campground or Commonwealth Campground. You can also explore the forest of North Bend Ranger District, while kayakers like to tackle the rapids of Dingford Creek. December is the wettest season here, so perhaps aim for July, the driest month, which reaches temperatures in the 70s. Bring insect repellent, too: The insects that attract fish to the surface also love tourists.


Calligan Lake

Because it is hidden by the Snoquamie Tree Farm in King County, hikers seldom head for Calligan Lake. Most often, drivers access the logging road, acquiring a pass from the Tree Farm owners. At an elevation of 2,222 feet, this is one of the lower rivers in the Alpine system of lakes. Anglers will find cutthroat, eastern brook and rainbow trout in this lake, which the Washington Trail Alliance considers well worth the 6.5 mile hike. Though the shoreline is often thick with trees and bushes, you may spot a loon when you finally break through to the water's edge. The major problem with fly fishing from the shore in a location like this is finding casting room with so many trees around. Spinners and spoons present another option. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says that if you plan to use bait and hook, also plan to keep your fish, as trout tend to swallow them, making catch and release hardly viable.

Chelan County

Ann Lake, Heather Lake and Snow Lake are all located in the Chelan County region. Hikers can adventure over terrain from just under 5,000 feet to almost 5,500 feet elevations. Hikers frequent Ann Lake in particular. If the possibility of foot traffic does not put you off, bring your fly or spinning reel to catch cutthroat, rainbow or eastern brook trout at these locations. Because of tremendous water clarity, stalk your fish quietly and carefully or they will see you coming. Fly and spinner styles of casting can produce results from the shore or the water. Native insect species you aim to mimic include deer hair caddis, mosquito, black flies and many more. According to Game and Fish Magazine, if you carry just one fly, make it a Black Woolly Bugger. Fishing guides in Chelan County provide an option for the less confident fishermen. Try Darrel and Dad's or Mountain Dew Fishing Guide Services.


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