Camping Trailer Tips

Camping Trailer Tips
For those who love to enjoy Mother Nature, getting away and traveling to new locations can enhance the outdoor experience. Purchasing a camping trailer that suits the needs of your family or excursion will make the trip comfortable and accommodating. There are several different types of camping trailers with an array of amenities and uses for every size and budget.


Camping trailers vary in sizes and styles suitable for all types of needs. Starting with the smaller, more compact version, a pop up or tent camping trailer is often considered a good starter trailer for both individuals and small families. They can sleep anywhere from two to six people and offer a compact design that can be stored easily throughout the seasons. Larger pull-behind camping trailers are a popular option for avid campers who want more of a home away from home setting. Larger tow-behind campers have full kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and dining areas for a comfortable atmosphere at a campground or remote location. Fifth wheel towing campers are similar to tow behind campers but offer additional sleeping space.


Some of the basic amenities with camping trailers include solid wood cabinetry, recliners, carpeting, curtains, linoleum, upholstered furniture, tables, appliances, beds, mattresses, toilet, shower, LP gas and plumbing. Some larger tow-behind campers have crank out sliders that allow the living space to expand to add more room. Patio awnings, patio doors, patio lights and exterior speakers are extras that make outdoor living space comfortable and convenient. A 40,000 BTU furnace and central air conditioning with HEPA filters come standard on most full-size models and make the interior living area comfortable for any season. Additional LP holding tanks add convenience from having to refuel frequently. Some models also come with skylights, microwaves, garden tubs and water softeners for those who prefer a pampered home away from home stay.


There are several reasons as to why people buy and use camping trailers. Being able to have a homey place to stay while traveling is a definite advantage. It saves money on having to pay additional hotel expenses, which compared to a campground stay saves travelers 50 percent or more each night. It also allows travelers to bring additional guests and their pets which they may not be able to do if staying with friends or renting a room. Camping trailers also add convenience when traveling to remote locations. They can be set up in almost any terrain and can also withstand heat, rain and other weather elements to keep travelers dry and comfortable.

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