Fitness Tips for Beginners

Fitness Tips for Beginners
Fitness doesn't come easily. But you can learn to enjoy the process. You will experience good days and bad days as a beginner. Everyone does. The one rule you must adhere to is: Do not quit. The benefits you will reap are immense, and before you know it, fitness will become an enjoyable part of your life.

Begin Slowly

When you exercise too much, too fast, you risk injury. An injury can halt your new exercise program for weeks, maybe months.

Don't let ambition do you in. If you never run for example, do not try to run a mile on the first day. Do not run at all that first day. Walk. Then slowly, over the next several weeks, add small segments of running into your walk.


Set exercise goals. Make them specific. Make them realistic. Your goal might be to get to the gym three days a week. Running a 5 kilometer race is a better first goal than running a half marathon. Your goal might be "walk to the post office." Start where you can. Your goals can grow after you conquer them, one by one.

Make a Routine

Establish a routine so that your exercise agenda becomes habit. If you walk every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for example, when Monday rolls along you are more apt to lace up those shoes and head out the door. Routine becomes habit.


Plan ahead for exercise sessions. Prepare your gear and whatever else you need to exercise the night before. For example, a runner or walker may place shoes, clothing, a music device, sunglasses and even sunscreen by the front door the night before a planned session.

Warm Up

Before each exercise session prepare your body by doing an activity with less intensity. Warm up for running or swimming, for example, with a walk and light stretching.

Cool Down

Cool your body down after your workout with a less strenuous exercise. Lower the speed on the treadmill for five minutes, for example. Afterward, spend some time stretching all the muscles used during your exercise session.

Article Written By Lauren D. H. Miertschin

Lauren Miertschin earned her B.A. in liberal studies at California State University, Fullerton. Abandoning the corporate world for teaching, 11 years later she’s still at it, earning Teacher of the Year three times. She’s currently pursuing novel publications, and writes her own trail running and short story blogs.

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