10 Ways to Increase Your Vertical Jump

10 Ways to Increase Your Vertical Jump
Have you ever wanted to jump as high as professional basketball players do? They seem to fly effortlessly through the air, yet when you try this at home, all too often you may find that your vertical jump is lacking in height. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take that can dramatically increase the vertical height of your jump.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an excellent way to increase your vertical jump. People who jump rope often average a higher vertical jump height than those who don't. Try to aim for at least 50 jumps and ensure that you're jumping as fast as you can to maximize this part of your training.

Leg Squats

You'll want to incorporate this exercise into your training to further increase your jump height. For maximum results, bend your knees to lower yourself as far as you can possibly go, as this helps build and strengthen the gluteal muscles. Add weights to your squat to build power. A good goal is to be able to lift at least 1.5 times your body weight.

Strengthen Your Calf Muscles

You'll need strong calves to be able to jump higher. The best way to accomplish this is by doing calf raises off a step. You don't need special equipment for this exercise, except dumbbells for resistance. As your strength increases, continue upping the amount of weight you're using. This will keep it challenging, and you'll be able to see continued results.

Use the Stairs

As a full workout, running up and down the stairs helps to increase the strength in your legs. When doing this exercise, run up the stairs on your toes. You'll tone and strengthen your muscles more than if you ran up them traditionally. As you ascend, move as fast as possible. On your way down, you can walk.

Strengthen Your Core

You need a strong core to be able to jump higher. Do stomach crunches daily to achieve this. They are kinder to your back and are more effective than sit-ups. Aim for time rather than quantity. A good plan would be to do them for 10 minutes in the morning and then perhaps again in the evening.

Practice Your Jump

Certain exercises have a jumping element that can help you get the power you need to increase yours. Deep knee-bend jumps are great for adding height to your vertical jump. As you stand, crouch down as low as you possibly can. Then jump up, exploding as high and as fast as you can. As soon as you land, lower yourself again and repeat.

Use Weighted Clothes

There are workout clothes that are specially designed to add resistance to your program. For instance, you can buy a specially weighted vest and shorts that allow you to challenge yourself without having to be concerned with weights sliding around. Practicing your jump while using weights will increase your power and enhance your jump.

Do Some Hopping

Another good exercise goes back to the days of childhood. Hop on one leg for as long as you can, aiming for at least 30 consecutive hops. This helps strengthen each individual leg and can also give you some much-needed balance.


Proper leg stretches will lengthen and elongate your thigh and calf muscles and will aid you in increasing your vertical jump. As you stretch, move gently and try to focus on isolating each muscle group. This is best done at the end of your workout when your muscles are tired and getting a bit sore.


As you jump, imagine yourself exploding up in the air. See yourself getting more powerful and lighter, and as you continue practicing this you will more than likely start noticing a difference in your jump.

Article Written By Christine Donatello

Christine Donatello started as a freelance writer in 1990. Her specialties are articles, academic papers and website content. She majored in history and is 30 credits from earning her degree. Many works have been used without her name due to her working for an academic company. But some of her poetry was published in the "Chrysalis," a publication that was released through her school.

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