List of Tent Manufacturers

List of Tent ManufacturersThere are many tent manufacturers on the market that specialize in different types of equipment. Tents range in uses from car camping to backpacking to climbing to winter mountaineering. Determine how you will be using your tent and select the manufacturer that provides the best equipment for your needs.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond offers a full selection of versatile tents for just about any possible activity. Whether you intend to go on backcountry treks in the middle of January or fastpacking trips in July, Black Diamond has a tent suited to your needs. The company's Bibler tents are some of the most trusted four-season tents on the market. Its Superlight series offers some of the lightest, most compact tents available. Black Diamond also offers bivies, shelters and a full line of tent accessories. The Black Diamond Skylight was voted Gear of the Year in Outside Magazine (2006) and its Mesa was voted a "killer value" in 2007.


Big Agnes

Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Big Agnes also has a versatile selection of tents, from ultralight backpacking tents to family tents to full-fledged mountaineering tents. Big Agnes ultralight tents like the Seedhouse SL and Fly Creek UL offer very low weights while still utilizing double wall construction for breathability.

One piece of standout technology that Big Agnes offers is the BOA fly-tensioning system in its Slide Mountain series, which allows campers to tighten the fly without ever leaving the tent. The Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 won a Backpacker Editor's Choice in 2008 and the Fly Creek UL 2 took home the honor in 2010.

Nemo Equipment

Nemo is a newer manufacturer in the market, having been incorporated in 2002. While it is much younger than some of the other manufacturers, the company has introduced some groundbreaking technology and has won plenty of recognition for its products.

Perhaps Nemo's most interesting contribution to the market, AirSupported Technology replaces the market standard of tent poles with inflatable airbeams that provide support while limiting the packed size of the tent. Airbeams aren't featured on every Nemo tent, but can be found in models such as the Morpho tents and GoGo bivies. Nemo's Tenshi won a variety of awards, including Backpacker's "Most Versatile" in fall 2009 and a Climbing magazine Editor's Choice. Its Losi 3P was rated Outside's "Gear of the Year" in 2009.


Eureka! is known for its car camping and expedition tents. The company also offers a full line of innovative tent accessories that includes a power system and electric devices such as fans and lights. One particularly innovative camping solution that the company offers is its Chrysalis, a piece of gear that combines a tent and a hammock for suspended slumber. The company's N!Ergy tents are prewired for electrical connection, offering an added convenience to campers. These tents won an Outdoor Industry Innovation Award from ReserveAmerica in 2007. The Grand Manan tent was the recipient of a 2009 Editors' Choice Award from Camping Life magazine.



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