The Best Survival Pocket Knives

The Best Survival Pocket Knives
In addition to a good fixed blade knife, every wilderness survival kit should contain a folding pocket knife with various tools. Your larger knife will serve primary cutting tasks, but a pocket knife or multitool will come in handy for all the unforeseen tasks of the wilderness. Some things to look for in a survival pocket knife include a sturdy, locking blade and variety of quality tools that will help you out on your adventures. Here are some knives that offer excellent features for survival situations.

Victorinox Swiss Army Rucksack

Recognized survival expert Doug Ritter recommends the Rucksack within a list of folding knives on his website The knife features a button-lock blade and a variety of tools, including small and large flat screwdrivers, a can opener, a bottle opener, a corkscrew and a wood saw. It offers Victorinox's lifetime limited warranty and retails for an affordable $49 as of 2010. Ritter says of the knife: "The Victorinox Rucksack ... is a good general purpose survival knife with a nearly perfect selection of useful implements."

Tool Logic SL Pro

The Tool Logic SL Pro is an innovative knife that combines a 3-inch blade with other backcountry survival essentials. The blade itself is stainless steel with 50/50 serrated/straight edge and frame lock. The knife also comes standard with an emergency whistle. Consumers can add inserts to the knife, including a magnesium fire starter, diamond sharpener and waterproof LED flashlight. This knife could provide several of the 10 essentials in one compact package. The 2010 retail price for the SL Pro is $52.50.

Wenger Mike Horn Ranger

Mike Horn is an explorer who is currently on the Pangea Expeditions, a four-year worldwide expedition through some of Earth's most extreme locations. You can surmise that a knife that's good enough to bear his name will serve you well on all your adventures. The knife also has the backing of industry experts: "National Geographic Adventure" named the knife in its Must Have Gear and "Outside Magazine" featured it in its 2009 Summer Buyer's Guide.

Created in a partnership between Swiss Army manufacturer Wenger and Horn, the knife features nine implements, including a one-handed blade, a one-handed locking serrated blade, a file, Philips and flat screwdriver bits (inserted perpendicular to the handle for extra torque), and needle-nose pliers. It also uses a recyclable handle. The retail price is listed at $175.

Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 Utility Knife

Doug Ritter put his name on this knife, so you know it's a quality survival option. Featuring just a folding blade with no other tools, the RSK Mk1 is a Benchmade Griptilian knife produced to Ritter's specifications. Those specifications include one-handed operation; a locking, stainless steel blade; an ambidextrous design; a pocket clip; a finger guard; and 3.44-inch wide-chord drop-point blade design. The knife retails for $118.

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