Fishing on Mirror Lake in Alaska

Fishing on Mirror Lake in Alaska
Mirror Lake is in the southern part of Alaska, near Chugach State Park. Anchorage is a 25-minute drive to the southwest. There are other lakes in the area, including Edmonds Lake, which is in Edmonds Lake Park. Fishing in this area is not as difficult as other parts of the state because it is more populated and road access is available to most waterways.


A limit of two steelhead or rainbow fish longer than 20 inches is listed for the region. Since this is a stocked lake, limits follow the stocked-lake regulations. Rainbow limits are five per day, while salmon are 10. As part of the Eagle River drainage, if you remove a king salmon 20 inches or longer, you will not be able to fish any areas where king salmon exist for the rest of the day.



On Mirror Lake, you have a possibility of catching coho salmon, rainbow trout and grayling. Trout are active in the spring when the waters start to warm slightly, while the salmon are more active in the summer before spawning season. Salmon, char and trout have been stocked in the lake in recent years.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is off Glenn Highway and there are two roads that lead to it on the north and south ends. On the north end, lake access is in the Mirror Lake State Wayside Park. The lake has a maximum depth of 10 feet with most areas around 6 feet, and it is a small lake, covering 62 acres.


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