Exercises for Building Chest Muscle

Exercises for Building Chest Muscle
Building strong chest muscles is an important aspect of training for a variety of athletes. Whether you're a rock climber or a professional body builder, the exercises to build and strengthen the chest muscles are the same. Including these exercises in a regular workout routine will show results relatively quickly and leave you more prepared to excel in your chosen sport.


To perform dips, you will need a set of dip bars, which you can likely find at your local gym. Grasp the bars firmly with your hands and raise your body up so your elbows are locked, bending your knees and crossing your lower legs. Bend your elbows and lower your body so your chest is almost level with the dip bars, then raise yourself so your arms are straight again. The number of dips you can do will depend on your personal fitness level.

Bench Press

This exercise will require the use of a weight lifting bench and a barbell. Lie on your back on the bench and place your feet flat on the floor, roughly shoulder-width apart. Grasp a barbell just a little bit wider than your shoulders and hold it directly above your chest. Slowly lower the barbell to a couple inches above the chest. Do not allow the barbell to bounce off your chest. Push the weight back up, keeping it directly over the chest, until your arms are straight, locking the elbows. It is a good idea to do bench presses with a spotter to help you, especially if you are using heavier weights.


Although push-ups may seem very basic, they are very effective exercises to build muscle in the chest. To find proper push-up form, keep your body straight and your hands directly beneath your shoulders, toes on the floor. Keep your eyes on the floor to help keep your body in a straight line. Use your arms to slowly lower yourself to a few inches from the ground, bending only your elbows, then push yourself back up until your arms are straight again.

If you are a beginner and have difficulty doing push-ups, bend your knees to the floor and keep your body straight from the knees up, performing your push-ups from that position.

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