Stiff Lower Back Exercises

Stiff Lower Back Exercises
Backpacking and hiking with a sore lower back can run the gamut from uncomfortable to impossible. Outdoor enthusiast who enjoy everything from water skiing to snowboarding know the importance of having a strong back, but they are also often well acquainted with the problem of back pain. If you find yourself unable to enjoy your favorite activities because of a recurring stiff lower back you might want to exercise to strengthen your back.

Pelvic Tilt

The pelvic tilt is a very low-impact exercise that can help strengthen your lower back by strengthening your lower abdominal muscles. This exercise can be done anywhere you can find space to lie down for a few minutes. Lie on your back and bend you knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Place your arms by your side. Squeeze your stomach muscles as you push your lower back into the floor. As you squeeze your stomach muscles, you want to tilt your pelvis upward enough to raise your buttocks slightly off the floor. Hold for five seconds, and then relax. Repeat the motion five to seven times.

Cat Stretch

The cat stretch mimics what felines do many times throughout the day. Cats have particularly elastic backs. Following the advice of these sleek animals is a very good way to help improve the flexibility in your back. The cat stretch can be done by getting on all fours and first curling your spine inward and then outward.

Wall Back Stretch

The lower back and the pelvis should work together to create a natural but straight posture that will help you avoid lower back problems. An exercise that can be done throughout the day anywhere you have access to a wall is the wall back stretch. Stand as straight and tall as you can, and press your back against the wall. You want your feet slightly in front of you so that you can slightly bend your knees. Hang your arms down by your side and keep your head up as you push your back flat against the wall and hold for a count of five. Release and repeat 10 times.

Double Leg Pull

Lie down flat on your back and pull your knees up together to your chest. Rest your hands on your knees as you hold in this position for five seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat for eight to 12 repetitions. You will also benefit from this exercise by virtue of exercising your buttocks, which can also help with posture.

Single Leg Lift

Flip over onto your stomach for this exercise for your lower back. Rest your chin on clasped fingers as you very slowly lift one leg up off the floor as high as you can without experiencing back strain. Hold for five seconds, and then slowly lower you leg. Repeat the movement with other leg. Do this 10 times for each leg.

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