Bicycle Trailers & Accessories for Kids

Bicycle Trailers & Accessories for Kids
Child transportation systems are designed for multifunctional use including bike trailers that operate in five different modes--cycling, jogging, strolling, skiing and hiking. Attach a bike trailer to your road bike or mountain bike for a safe and easy way to transport your children. Trailers are designed based on two models: the convertible model and the enclosed model. Both fit up to three children; sizing and spacing information may vary by brand, so check the manufacturer's manual before use.

Enclosed Bike Trailers

Enclosed bike trailers offer protection from the sun, light rains and light winds. A canvas tarp is attached to the trailer, so your child sits comfortably inside a breathable enclosure. Standard features include aluminum spoke wheels, multiple storage compartments, comfort seating with reinforced padding and harness straps for safety. An adjustable suspension system maintains balance and stability for a smoother ride, while front shocks absorb bumps and jolts from rough terrain and grassy areas. Collapsible trailers can be folded down for easy storage and transportation. Many models feature auto-locks, which open and close without the use of a pin.


Bike Trailer Accessories

Kids must remain hydrated when outdoors. Hydration kits feature an adult-size water bottle and child-size water bottle. Attach to the side frame of the bike trailer and use as necessary. Water bottles feature a nozzle that snaps open and shut for minimum spills and leaks.

Hydration packs are also available and function similarly to hydration kits. However, instead of a water bottle, kids use a hydration pack that is worn across the chest or back. Kid inspired designs and colors are available including animal prints and cartoons. Hydration kits are perfect for the park and trips to the beach.

Restrict use to children 5 years of age and older.

Convertible Bike Trailers

Convertible bike trailers are designed to convert easily from a stroller to a bike trailer. This conversion is possible with built-in pockets that stores front wheels when the bike trailer is in use. Most convertible bike trailers offer trailer/stroller functionality; however some require a converter kit (fees may apply). Although trailers do not offer as much protection from the sun, children receive more air and do not feel as closed off as they might in an enclosed bike trailer. When using a convertible bike trailer, it is especially important to have your child wear a helmet.


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