Attractions in Havana, Cuba

Attractions in Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba, is a Caribbean city with interesting historical architecture and an array of places that are well-suited for hiking, diving, fishing, swimming, scuba diving and running. Within the city as well as west of it, you can find a number of attractions that encourage participation in these kinds of activities. Because of U.S. trade restrictions, a visit here for an American would be a rare treat.

Enjoy the Waters of Playas del Este

Swim in aquamarine waters or lounge on the white, soft sands of Playas del Este, a Havana beach whose shores stretch to the small town of Guanabo. Because security is stiff, the beach is relatively safe and you can enjoy swimming without too much distraction.

Set Sail from the Hemingway Marina

Sail the Caribbean from the beautiful Hemingway Marina in Havana and spend the day fishing or snorkeling. This marina is ideal for anyone who loves the sea and invites visitors to spend time on shore at the Marina's Acuario Hotel (with 383 rooms) or at one of four unique eateries, with each restaurant featuring Cuban, Spanish, Italian and Seafood cuisine.

Take a Walk through the City via El Malecon

Walk or run along the famous sea wall and promenade, El Malecon, which is located in the city. The five-mile (8K) walkway stretches along the Caribbean coast and gives runners and joggers a chance to appreciate the 18th and 19th century buildings and Spanish architecture that lend Havana its charm.


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