Buzz Bait Components

Buzz Bait ComponentsBuzz baits are top water lures used by anglers to attract various game fish including largemouth bass. Highly effective during dawn and dusk hours, the lure's top water action attracts many fish as they cruise the shallows searching for food. Anglers cast buzz baits along banks and structure using a fast retrieve to keep the lure sputtering on top of the water. Buzz baits are typically simple in construction and consist of only a few basic components.

Lead Head

Buzz baits feature a weighted head attached to one end of a small-diameter wire arm. The weight is typically made of lead, however, it may also be made of other materials that are less toxic to the environment. The shape of the head differs depending on the manufacturer. Traditional bullet-shaped heads are less likely to become tangled or caught on brush or other structure.


Skirt and hook

A skirt will typically dress the hook. Skirts are most commonly made of a silicon for durability and motion in the water. The skirt may be long or short and feature a solid- or multiple-color pattern. The skirt is mounted to the bait with ends extending forward and back. This adds fish-attracting action to the lure as it moves along the water.

A hook is attached to the lead head of the buzz bait. Depending on the brand, the hook is usually a long shank with either a round or wide gap bend. Buzz baits usually feature a single hook rather than a treble setup.


The blade of the buzz bait is located on the opposite arm of the lure from the head. A prop style spinner blade is used that features a flat surface with opposing blades. The aluminum blades churn the water as the lure is retrieved. The dual action produces a churning sound and bubbles that help attract cruising game fish.

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