What to Stock in an RV Refrigerator

What to Stock in an RV Refrigerator
You have limited room in your RV refrigerator, so plan what to stock in your fridge wisely. Bring enough food to meet your needs. Camp stores have limited supplies of food; don't make the mistake of thinking you can buy food later. Do not overstock your refrigerator, however, because an overfilled RV fridge does not work efficiently to keep the food cool. If you stock your refrigerator well, you can eat like a king during your RV adventures.


Bottled, canned, boxed and pouch drinks work great in RVs because they store without refrigeration. Place one day's worth of single serving drinks at a time in your RV fridge and store the rest of the drinks in the food pantry. Every night restock the fridge with drinks for the next day.

Cooking Essentials

Stock your RV fridge with commonly used ingredients such as butter, eggs, cheese and commonly used condiments. These cooking essentials serve as basic ingredients for many meals.

Pre-Prepared Meals

Cut down on cooking time during your trip by stocking your RV refrigerator with pre-cooked meals. Pre-cook the meals at home and store them in meal-size serving containers. Store one pre-prepared meal in your RV refrigerator at the start of your trip and the rest in your RV freezer. Transfer meals from the RV freezer to the RV refrigerator the night before you want to serve them.

Meat and Meat Substitutes

Separate meat and meat substitutes into meal-sized portions. To cut down on cooking time, precook meat at home before you package it. For long RV trips, store two days worth of meat and meat substitutes in the RV refrigerator and the rest in the RV freezer. Transfer meats and meat substitutes from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before you want to serve them.


Reduce cooking prep time and save space in your RV fridge by cleaning and cutting fruits and vegetables before you store them in your RV refrigerator. Cut up produce uses less space in the fridge than whole produce. Dice onions and tomatoes, slice cucumbers and apples, quarter oranges, cube potatoes and carrots, and cut broccoli into little florets. Package the cut produce in plastic, sealable bags, and place them in the produce drawer of your RV fridge. Squeeze a little lemon juice on cubed potatoes and sliced apples before you store them, to keep them from turning brown.

Buy bagged pre-packaged salad mixes instead of separate salad fixings. Bagged salad mixes use little space in the produce drawer of RV fridges.

Quick Snacks

Sometimes you just want a quick snack to fill your tummy. Yogurt and cottage cheese make nutritious, quick snacks. Stock the fridge with a few sandwich fixings for a quick snack or lunch on the road. The bread, mustard and peanut butter can stay in the food pantry. Stick the deli meat, cheese, mayonnaise and fruit jam in the fridge.

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