Activities in Pocono Mountains

Activities in Pocono Mountains
The Pocono Mountains encompass roughly 2,500 square miles in Pennsylvania, including Pike, Carbon, Wayne and Monroe counties. At the tallest spot, these mountains measure 2,693 feet in height, while the lowest spot is a valley at 350 feet. Due to the Delaware River, this mountainous region features more than 150 bodies of water and also a number of picturesque waterfalls. The rich natural resources and potential for recreation have made the Pocono Mountains a much sought after tourist destination. Visitors look forward to enjoying some time spent at the local fishing holes, golfing, or doing winter sports during the cold months. Along the various roads, there are also a number of family friendly attractions that are specifically geared toward children.

Fishing in the Pocono Mountains

Anglers enjoy the four-county fishing the Pocono Mountains have to offer. The Pocono Mountains visitor bureau asserts that you can fish daily for a month without have to drop your hook into the same body of water twice. Fish for trout, pan fish, bass, shad, and muskellunge in the more than 150 lakes and also the Delaware River; the lakes are routinely stocked on an annual basis, and if you wait until the beginning of trout season---April 18th---you have first crack at these delicious fish. Well-known fishing hot spots are Butternut Creek, Sand Spring Run and also Pocono Creek.

Golfing on 36 Courses

You can find 36 different golf courses in the Pocono Mountains, including the famed Woodloch Springs Country Club course. An 18-hole course with a par 72 rating, this is a championship style golf course that includes forest play and also meadows and wetlands. The average time suggested for playing this course is about 4.5 hours. If you are a seasoned golfer who appreciates the history of the game, you are sure to value the Glen Brook Golf Course, which dates back to 1924 and was designed by Scotsman Robert White.

Ski One of Eight Ski Areas

The Pocono Mountains are home to eight ski areas. There is Alpine Mountain in Analomink, Blue Mountain in Palmerton, Big Boulder in Lake Harmony, Jack Frost in Blakeslee, Camelback in Tannersville, Shawnee in Shawnee on Delaware, Tanglewood in Tafton and finally Ski Big Bear in Lackawaxen. Camelback features the most ski runs of all the ski areas, while Blue Mountain is well known for its 1,082-foot vertical drop that has thrill seekers flocking to this ski area.

Family Activities at the Wild Animal Park

Along the various routes in the Pocono Mountains, you are sure to find some delightful family friendly tourist attractions, such as the Claws 'n Paws animal park in Lake Ariel. Open from the first of May until the middle of October, this wild animal park is open seven days a week. In 2009, the cost of admission for a visitor over the age of 12 is $14; children younger than 12 enter for $10.
Children enjoy seeing animals such as fallow deer and birds of prey, and also exotics, like boas and camels.

Claws 'n Paws Animal Park
1475 Ledgedale Road
Lake Ariel, PA 18436
(570) 698-6154

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