ATV Trails in Nevada

ATV Trails in Nevada
If you're an ATV extraordinaire and you're looking for a dynamic landscape, you may want to look no further than Nevada. Characterized by sandy deserts, rugged mountains, heavily forested slopes and gliding grass-filled valleys, Nevada's ATV areas are some of the most wonderful courses the West has to offer.

Amargosa Dunes

Located near Amargosa, Nev., the Amargosa Dunes is an excellent place for riders to take to sloping sand dunes. Composed of quartz and feldspar rock, the sand is firm enough to easily travel and navigate the terrain. Amargosa also offers a unique variety of small watering holes, sparse vegetation and wonderful mountain views. Camping is also permitted. For more information about the Amargosa Dunes, contact:

BLM-Southern Nevada District Office
4701 North Torrey Pines
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Battle Mountain

Battle Mountain MX is just beyond the Battle Mountain raceway. This motorcross track is well groomed and open daily for riders. It's a very liberal course that features plenty of sloped jumps and little obstructions. Battle Mountain MX also holds special race events. For more information, contact:

Battle Mountain MX
P.O. Box 139
Battle Mountain, NV 89820

Black Rock Desert

If you want to ride in a desert-like environment, Black Rock Desert might be one of the closest things Nevada has to offer. Situated on an archaic lake bed, the area features approximately 400 square miles of silt-flat terrain. Summer temperatures can rise well above 100 degrees, while winter months often transform the terrain into a sticky-mud. Primitive camping is allowed, but use extreme caution, as the nearest town of Gerlach has only basic supplies. Get in touch with Black Rock Desert at:

BLM_Winnemucca Field Office
5100 E. Winnemucca Blvd.
Winnemucca, NV 89445

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is a rugged and rocky slope-filled course. It is in the town of Winnemucca and features some of Nevada's most unexplored trails. Some of these trails are so secluded and infrequently traveled that vegetative overgrowth makes them difficult to identify from the surrounding terrain. Primitive camping is also allowed, but come prepared: There is little shade and no services at Blue Mountain. Contact Blue Mountain at:

BLM_Winnemucca Field Office
5100 E. Winnemucca Blvd.
Winnemucca, NV 89445

Bull Ranch Creek

Located near Reno, Nev., is the Bull Ranch Creek course. Known for its scenery overlooking the Truckee River, Bull Ranch is one of the area's most beautiful places to ride. Rest assured, Bull Rance Creek is also known for being one of the area's most excitable courses because the terrain is of unparalleled variety. Specifically, the tracks will take you through sand and desert sage, up along mountain ridges and well into the Nevada wilderness.

Humboldt-Toiyable National Forest

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