Grande Prairie, Alberta Arctic Winter Games

Grande Prairie, Alberta Arctic Winter Games
The Arctic Winter Games of 2010 hosted in Grande Prairie, Alberta, consists of 21 indoor and outdoor sports, such as alpine and cross-country skiing, biathlon, badminton, curling and dog mushing, that are practiced and played throughout the region. The games are about athletic competition, social interaction and cultural exchange for the more than 2,000 participants. Music, art, fashion and food also are part of the games. The Arctic Winter Games are held every 2 years.

Opening Ceremony and Performances

The opening ceremony begins with the theme song "A Hero's Journey." The cultural opening ceremony features dancers, musicians and singers from across the region. There are performances throughout the games from local talent and other guests, providing social interaction and cultural exchange for athletes, trainers and spectators.


Popular northern sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing and dog mushing, are always part of the games, but each games also features several different sports. These may include one- and two-foot high kick, and dene hand games including snow snake and finger pull.

Ulus and Awards

Ulus are awarded in gold, silver and bronze to recognize the commitment of the athletes. The medal's name and shape are borrowed from the all-purpose knife used by the Inuit. The Hodgson Trophy is a 6-foot high trophy awarded to the team that best epitomizes team spirit and fair play.


The Arctic Winter Games committee selects 30 or more volunteers to work during the games. Volunteers are responsible for setting up rooms for the athletes, delivering and setting up water coolers, tables, lounges and entertainment equipment or acting as entrance attendants. The committee also selects medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, massage and physical therapists to treat athletes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the games.

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