Camp Dinner Ideas

Camp Dinner Ideas
When you're camping, it's easy for dinner to feel like the most important meal of the day. It is a chance to unwind from a full day of outdoor activities and chat with your fellow campers about how the trip is going. A good dinner each night keeps spirits up and campers healthy. Plan your meals before you go so you will have something to look forward to each night.

Plenty of Pasta

Pasta provides replenishing carbohydrates, it's light and easy to carry and it cooks quickly. Try spaghetti or fuselli with olive oil and seasonings or pre-packaged macaroni and cheese.


Dry Goods

Cruise the grocery store for easy-to-prepare dry goods. A falafel mix or veggie burger mix that you just add water to is a great option. Instant rice and dried seaweed create gourmet camping sushi. Look for soup powders like tomato, chicken noodle or miso for cold nights. Remember, always check the sodium content in dried foods.

Flat Bread

Tortillas are a great option on the trail. You can make quick and easy quesadillas, bean and cheese burritos or tortilla pizzas with dehydrated sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Remember to pack very hard, sharp cheeses and use them early in the trip to avoid mold.

Just Desserts

Nothing enhances a good sleep like a sweet treat at the end of dinner. Bring cocoa mix, dessert teas and premade cookies for a great end to your evening.


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