Fishing in Sullivan Lake, Washington

Fishing in Sullivan Lake, Washington
Sullivan Lake is near Metaline Falls in the northeast corner of Washington. It is in the middle of Colville National Forest. There are many outdoor activities in the forest area, such as hiking, camping, biking and fishing. The lake is a good place to fish, as is the Pend Oreille River, which flows through the area. If you are in the area, check out this natural lake and surrounding waters.


Washington state requires a fishing license to fish fresh waters. A single-hook regulation is in effect unless you are on floating apparatus such as a boat or canoe. If you are floating, two hooks are allowed. Basic fishing seasons vary based on the type of water. Lakes are open year-round, while rivers have a short-term season of June through October. This holds true unless otherwise posted for a certain body of water. Size and keep limits for certain fish are listed in the regulations guide book. Also, certain fish might have a short season even if the body of water is still open. In this case, you would need to release the fish back into the water.



The lake is not stocked full of fish each year. However, there are some large catches to be found. To get these fish requires patience and possibly multiple trips. The main types you will find include brown and rainbow trout as well as ling cod. There are several other fish in the lake, such as cutthroat and burbot. Trout are typically more active in spring and summer when the waters are warmer.

The Lake

Lake Sullivan is approximately 1,400 acres. It used to be smaller, but damming Outlet Creek increased its size. Lake Sullivan has a depth up to 332 feet in certain areas. East Sullivan and Noisy Creek Campgrounds on the edge of the lake both have boat ramps for quick access to the water, or you can bank fish all along the lake.


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