Fishing in Silver Lake, Washington

Fishing in Silver Lake, Washington
Silver Lake is on the eastern side of Washington, just southwest of Spokane. It is one of four large lakes in the area, and there are several other small ones nearby, too. Fishing opportunities are available at many of these lakes, giving you plenty of chances for outdoor fun. Other outdoor recreation can be found at nearby Riverside State Park outside Spokane.


To fish on Silver Lake, you must have a freshwater fishing license. If you are fishing from the banks of the lake, you are only allowed to use a single hook. However, if you are on a boat, you can use two. State regulations on this lake are the standard regulations with no special rules. Fishing is allowed year-round. Fish are to be kept based on the basic size limits set by the state. This means that you may not fish for salmon, bull trout or several other less popular fish.



Fish in this lake include bass as well as rainbow and brown trout. The best time to fish for these is in the spring, when the waters start to warm, and summer. You will find them near the surface, and in many cases, around rocks or fallen branches. In winter months, ice is a deterrent, and the fish tend to go deeper. You will need to drop your line lower starting in the fall.

The Lake

Silver Lake is near several other fishing lakes, including Medical and Clear. The lake is approximately 180 acres and has varying depths throughout. Still, quiet bays along the banks offer fishing spots during the summer. A ramp is at Silver Lake Park if you prefer to fish on the lake, and some steeper drop-off areas offer suitable locations for bank fishing.


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