Types of Earthworm Fishing Bait

Types of Earthworm Fishing BaitNearly every angler has baited his hook with a good, old-fashioned earthworm at some point. The term earthworm applies to many different species of worm that burrow into the ground including night crawlers, red worms and some lesser-known worms. When using earthworms as fishing bait, try to use worms native to the area. Fish will be more likely to bite on a familiar worm.

Red Worm

Red worms, known as red wrigglers or red marsh worms, range from 2 to 6 inches long and feature a red-brown or red-violet color. People often use red worms in composting because they live near the surface of the soil and are easy to raise. Due to this, sometimes you can purchase red worms in large quantities from garden supply stores, which will allow fishermen to raise their own bait supply at home.


Manure Worm

Manure worms have bands of color ranging from maroon to yellow along the length of their bodies. Another name for this worm is red wriggler. It is about the same size as a red worm. Manure worms received their name because they live in manure piles. People use them in compost piles because they reproduce quickly, and you can raise them easily at home.


Night crawlers are the largest type of earthworm and most fishermen are familiar with them as fish bait. These worms range from 3.5 to 11 inches long and live in burrows in the ground up to 8 feet deep. Commonly found in bait shops, they are European night crawlers, African night crawlers or Canadian night crawlers depending upon their country of origin. These worms often appear on the surface of the ground after a warm rain.

Garden Worms

Garden worms, also known as field worms, live in warm climates, including the southern United States. Garden worms are slightly smaller than night crawlers. While hunting for these worms before a fishing trip will yield adequate bait, don't expect to see them in bait shops. Garden worms are difficult to raise and not commercially produced.


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