Things That You Need to Travel to the Bahamas

Things That You Need to Travel to the Bahamas
Traveling to the Bahamas can be a sunny escape from reality. In order to have a great vacation, be sure to pack everything you need by creating a checklist of necessities and items that will make your trip fun. From clothing to medications to cameras, you want to make sure you have all the items that will make your trip a (tropical) breeze.


Never travel without identification. Be sure to pack a driver's license or state ID along with another for of photo identification, even if it be a library card. Also, bring a document such as your birth certificate or social security card that provides proof of U.S. citizenship.


The great thing about traveling to the Bahamas is that the U.S. dollar is accepted there. So, you don't have to worry about currency exchange rates or the hassle of exchanging. Credit and debit cards from the U.S. are also accepted at many locations throughout the Bahamas.


Be sure to pack all of your daily over-the-counter and prescription medicines. In order to take these medicines as a carry-on, they must clearly have a label that says the type of medicine and your name printed on them. The three ounce carry-on liquid rule does not apply to necessary prescription medications during flight. If you cannot clearly read the labels, consider storing them in your checked-in luggage.

Personal Items

While many hotels will provide shampoo, conditioner and soap, you may want to bring your own, especially if you have sensitive skin. Also, remember to bring your toothpaste and toothbrush, as many hotels do not openly supply these in the room. And don't forget the deodorant.


Weather-appropriate clothing for the Bahamas includes shorts, skirts, t-shirts and light jackets. Pack jeans and pants for the evening outings. Make sure you also have your swimsuits handy to take a dip with. If you plan on going to a more formal event or restaurant, pack one or two formal outfits as well.


The sun in the Bahamas is really strong and can cause skin damage to even the most pigmented skin. Even if you don't normally burn, pack some sunscreen to prevent a first-day burn that could ruin your trip.


Don't forget to snapshot some of your favorite memories while on vacation by packing a camera or camcorder. If you want to take one into the water, you can purchase a disposable water-safe camera, or even get water-proof case for your current camera.

Article Written By Lisa DiVirgilio

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