Texas Monuments

Texas Monuments
According to the Enchanted Learning website, Texas is the second largest state in the United States, covering 268,601 square miles (including water). The only state that is larger is Alaska, with 656,425 square miles. This means that when it comes to Texas monuments, you have a sizable amount of space that you must sift through to determine which ones you want to visit.

The San Jacinto Monument

The claim to fame of this famous Texas monument is the fact that the San Jacinto Monument is the world's tallest war memorial, standing 15 feet taller than the Washington Monument, according to the San Jancinto Museum of History's website. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Houston, the monument was built from 1936 to 1939 to honor those who fought for Texas' independence. It is located on the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, which is part of the Houston Ship Channel in Harris County, near the city of La Porte. While visiting this monument, be certain to allot enough time for your tour of the San Jacinto Museum of History, which is located at the base of the monument.

San Jacinto Museum of History
One Monument Circle
La Porte (Houston), TX 77571-9585

Sam Houston Monument

The old saying that everything is bigger and better in Texas holds true for this 60,000-pound, 67-foot statue located in Huntsville, Texas. According to the Sam Houston Statue Visitors Center's website, it is the world's tallest statue of an American hero and is visible for six miles on a clear day. Designed by David Adickes, "Big Sam" was constructed using of five layers of concrete laid over steel mesh attached to a welded steel framework. It is mounted atop a 10-foot base that has been covered with sunset granite; thus the total height of this monument is 77 feet. The statue is located in (and dedicated to) the city of Huntsville---just off Interstate 45.

Sam Houston Statue Visitor Center
7600 Hwy. 75 S.
Huntsville, TX 77340

The Heroes of the Alamo Monument

Located on the grounds of the state capital in Austin, the Heroes of the Alamo monument was erected in 1891 and designed by J. S. Clark, according to the Portal to Texas History. The monument is made of pink granite and includes battle scene images cast in bronze. The top of the statue features a bronze statue representing one of the brave infantry soldiers who fought for Texas' independence against Santa Anna's Mexican army. The granite pillars of the monument detail the names of these soldiers.

Capitol Visitors Center
112 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78711

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