Beaches in Acapulco, Mexico

Beaches in Acapulco, Mexico
There are over 12 beaches in Acapulco that offer options for quiet relaxation to heart-pumping bungee diving. Indeed, some travelers only visit Acapulco to hit its beaches. Some of Acapulco's oldest and most well-known beaches may just offer the vacation you are looking for.

Condesa Beach

Condesa's location in the center of town near to a number of hotels makes it a convenient choice for first-time travelers to Acapulco. The beach's location also makes it one of the busiest, especially during spring break. On the beach, there are plenty of tables, umbrellas and chairs for rent or complimentary if you stay at one of the beachside hotels. Besides swimming you'll find a range of activities such as para-sailing, jet-skiing and even bungee jumping.

Roqueta Beach

If your looking for a quieter more relaxing beach, consider Roqueta Beach on Isla de la Roqueta. Roqueta Beach is part of a natural preserve that extends from the beach into the foothills behind it. There are several trails leading from the beach that provide a hiking option. The beach itself is quite small and looks back toward the mainland. The shallow water extends out almost 20 feet. You can access Roqueta by taking a 10-minute ride on a water taxi or glass-bottomed boat from Caleta or Caletilla beaches.

Caletilla Beach

Caletilla is one of Acapulco's original beach destinations with a history as a popular tourist destination of U.S. movie stars dating back to the 1960s. Caletilla is a rather small beach with fine sand. Its location opposite Isla de la Roqueta, which provides a natural barrier, make its water calm and suitable for swimming, snorkeling and sun-bathing. Caletilla offers several family-friendly activities including beach boat tours or a visit to the nearby Magic Marine World Aquarium and Museum.

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