Beaches in Bahia, Brazil

Beaches in Bahia, Brazil
Bahia is the fourth most populous of Brazil's 26 states. Most of Bahia's more popular beaches lie in and around the coastal city of Salvador de Bahia, the capital of the state. The beaches of Bahia, with their tropical climates and musical culture, are renowned for being some of the best in Brazil. These beaches range from crowded party locales to secluded, romantic spots.

Salvador de Bahia Beaches

Porto de Barra is a large, often crowded beach, in Salvador. Situated on the bay, the waters here are calmer and better for swimming than ocean beaches.

Farol da Itapoan is in the village of Itapoan, located just north of Salvador. The first stretch of beach has calm water ideal for swimming. The northern part of the beach, past the lighthouse, has harsher waters that are only recommended for advanced swimmers and surfers.

Beaches North of Salvador

Just North of Salvador are two smaller beaches: Stella Maris and Flamengo. These tranquil, palmy beaches are less known than some of the bigger beaches in the area; they offer a diverse selection of "barracas" or thatched beach-hut vendors that offer food and drinks. More widely known is Costa do Sauipe, located 60 miles north of Salvador. This city is a very developed tourist site with numerous hotels and resorts--providing water sports, leisure activities and excursions of all kinds. Barra do Rio Sauípe Beach is located at the mouth of Sauípe River. This beach has white sands and strong waves in some areas, while other areas are protected by reefs and have calmer waters.

Beaches South of Salvador

Tinhare is a coastal island located 100 miles south of Salvador; the principal island community of Tinhare is Morro de Sao Paulo. Here, you will find picturesque, palm-lined beaches with calm waters. These beaches are protected from the powerful Atlantic surf. They make a great place to explore the waters for all swimmers. Going further south, another popular beach spot is Porto Seguro, whose soft, white-sand beaches stretch 53 miles. On beaches closer to the city's center, you will find parties and lots of music. The many reefs surrounding these beaches are ideal for scuba diving and exploration of the diverse aquatic wildlife.

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