ATV Trails in Oklahoma

ATV Trails in Oklahoma
Oklahoma is home to a large number of areas for ATV riding. There are several different types of terrain throughout the different parks that can accommodate the varying skill levels of riders. Whether you are an experienced rider seeking a true challenge or just looking for a fun time taking in the sights and riding the trails, you'll definitely find something in Oklahoma.

Kiamichi Mountain Trails

Located in the Ouachita National Forest, the Kiamichi Mountain Trails offers several different types of terrain for riders. These are not standard trails, but open wilderness and forest service roads; as such, this type of cross-country riding is recommended for experienced riders only. There are rough mountain passes, sloping trails, winding forest paths and open fields all waiting to be explored. The Kiamichi Mountain Trails are true adventures for the outdoors man. There are no guides and no ATV rentals available at the site. It is recommended that you bring along a GPS to find your way around the countryside and avoid getting lost. Since this is unrestricted land, there are no fees required, but adherence to forest regulations is expected.

US Forest Service
52175 US Hwy 59
Hodgen, OK 74953
(918) 653-2991

Beaver Dunes State Park

Beaver Dunes State Park is the place to be for riders who enjoy rolling hills and dune riding, as the name implies. The park is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. all year long. You will need to call to find out how much to pay in park fees for the season. Daily, 3-Day, and annual passes are available. Because the dunes are constantly shifting due to weather and natural erosion, only experienced riders are recommended for this park. Be sure to practice common sense and caution when riding the dunes and be prepared for drop-offs and other sudden changes in the land. With that being said, if you happen to be an experienced rider, this park will definitely give you a unique and interesting trip every time you visit. In addition to riding, there are also places for fishing, hiking and camping within the park. As well as two playgrounds which include basketball and volleyball courts, pavilions, horseshoe pits and showers.

Beaver Dunes State Park
Hwy 270 N
Beaver, OK 73932

Quartz Mountain State Resort Park

The Eagles Roost ORV Area in Quartz Mountain State Resort Park is open from April 1 to October 31. The fee for riding is $7 per day and there are no restrictions on the type of ATVs or ORVs that can be used on the trails. The park boasts five miles of trails, which is best suited for amateur riders as the terrain is made up of trails and dunes that have only a few minor hazards along the way. Most of these features are marked for riders. The rest of the park includes areas for rock climbing, hiking, and camping. It is also home to the large and beautiful Lake Altus.

Quartz Mountain State Park
Route 1, Box 40
Lone Wolf, OK 73655


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